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Mobility Advantage is a San Antonio locally owned small
business that provides personalized attention to meeting
your mobility and medical equipment needs.  Call us today
to discuss the options we offer which have helped many
people experience a better quality of life while living with
hardships or disabilities.
Power Chairs
Lift Chairs & Stair Lifts
Scooters - Power Chairs - Ramps - Lifts - Sales - Service
are often used to assist with the
challeges some face when walking
long distances or extended periods
of time unassisted.
are typically used by those who
suffer from limited mobility, need
additional stability, or navigate tight
can help in restoring or improving
the independence and quality of
life for the weak, elderly or disabled

About Us
Our employees are dedicated to quality service as our
number one priority. We have over 15 years experience
in Durable Medical Equipment (D.M.E.) and rehab
business as well as serving veterans through the VA
Hospitals in the South Texas area. We provide equipment
suited to your individual needs.
Mobility Advantage was recently acquired by Sempco
(Superior Economic Medical Products Co. Inc.) which has
been a Texas Corporation since 1971 and one of South
Texas largest remaining independent distributors of
medical imaging equipment, products, and supplies.
414 Culebra Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78201
(210) 599-1339
(210) 599-1339